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    Civic projects play a crucial role in shaping the physical and cultural landscape of a community. They serve as symbols of civic pride and identity, providing functional spaces for public gatherings, government functions, and community services.

    All Civic Projects

    Mississippi Trade Mart

    The Lodge at Lake Okhissa


    Commercial projects shape urban landscapes, providing functional and visually appealing spaces for businesses and consumers. From office buildings to retail complexes, these projects balance practicality and aesthetics to accommodate diverse needs. These projects contribute to economic vitality while supporting business growth.

    All Commercial Projects

    Trustmark Hernando

    Castle Headquarters


    Educational projects prioritize functionality, flexibility, and sustainability, integrating advanced technology and collaborative spaces. By combining innovative design with a focus on educational needs, they empower students and educators to thrive in stimulating and interactive settings.

    All Education Projects

    Sewanee Wellness Commons

    Vanderbilt Olympic Sports Student Lounge


    Healthcare projects create patient-centered spaces that prioritize healing, safety, and efficient care delivery. These projects integrate evidence-based design principles, advanced technology, and infection control measures to enhance the healthcare environment.

    All Healthcare Projects

    The Fountains Infusion Center

    Brick City Compounding


    Multifamily projects create diverse and efficient living spaces, offering a range of housing options within a single structure. These projects prioritize aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability, while promoting social interaction through shared amenities.

    All Multifamily Projects

    Kappa Kappa Gamma

    Tri-Delta Florida State University


    Religious projects create sacred spaces for worship, reflection, and spiritual connection. They blend cultural and spiritual elements, incorporating symbolic motifs and intricate detailing.

    All Religious Projects

    St. Andrew’s Episcopal School Chapel

    Crossgates Baptist Church