WBA Meet the Team: Dennis Daniels

Dennis Daniels joined the WBA team back in September as a Project Manager and Architect in our Nashville office. He was already familiar with the WBA family because he was an intern at WBA from 2011-2012. Dennis is a graduate of Mississippi State University’s School of Architecture earned a master’s in architecture from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

When did you become interested in architecture?

Architecture has interested me as far back as I can remember. My grandfather was an architect and I remember watching him draw and talk about why and how things were built a certain way. Growing up my dad, brother, and I always had some type of project going on. It was an all- hands-on-deck kind of thing. I love working hard and seeing the fruits of the labor.

Tell us about your favorite project and why it’s special.

Architecture is most meaningful for me when it can tell a story. The most memorable project would be the time I worked on the restoration of the historic New London Harbor Lighthouse constructed in 1802. It was a challenge to work on and it has a significant history, but for me most importantly the history including the day I proposed to my wife. 

How have you grown professionally since becoming a member of the WBA team?

I hope I have grown. I know I’ve been able to put into action what I have learned as an owner and recognizing the need of the team. I’m growing with the client in every decision and hope to maintain and exceed expectations. I hope to grow to be a better listener and leader.

What inspires you both professionally and personally?

I gain inspiration from learning and teaching others. It is exciting to see how much energy is created when you put people together with common goals in the same place. It’s inspiring to be part of a community that thinks critically and works together. 

How do you spend your free time?

I spend most of my free time parenting my 2-year-old son. We like to make up silly songs and games. I’ve enjoyed working within my hands—whether that is pulling weeds in the garden or on projects around the house. Recently, I have been able to enjoy getting up early and working out with a group of guys as a part of F3 (Fitness| Fellowship| Faith).  

What does your ideal Nashville day look like?

I love getting up and feeling productive first thing. I love exploring the area with the family—playing in the park, exploring the greenway and creek in the neighborhood, or on a rainy day walking the aisles of Lowes. I love taking an afternoon drive to a place I’ve never gone to with the window down and listening to music and singing along. On the way home, I always stop by and grab an ice cream. To end the day, let’s grill in the back yard watching the neighborhood kids play together, then watching the day turn to dusk. We like to light a fire at night and eat s’mores! If there is music and dancing too, I’m game. That sounds like a pretty great day.  

Favorite podcast, book, or film?

My favorite podcast is The Anthropocene Review. I just listened to an episode: Episode 9 “Pennies and Piggly Wiggly” – 1.5 stars to pennies! 2.5 starts to Piggly Wiggly! My favorite film is Patch Adams! “You treat a disease, you win you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you will win. No matter the outcome.” My favorite book is Thinking Architecture by Peter Zumthor. “Details, when they are successful, are not mere decoration. They do not distract or entertain. They lead to an understanding of the whole of which they are an inherent part.”