Hayden Kennedy

Hayden is originally from the Jackson area and has worked in public accounting and the construction industry since graduating from Mississippi State. She loves the collaborative culture at WBA and loves seeing everyone’s hard work and ideas literally come to life. Hayden is an active volunteer and member of the Junior League Jackson. Outside of the office, she’s spending time with family cooking or traveling, especially to the beach.

McKinnley Bridges

McKinnley’s love for design started young, growing up in a family of builders. She studied interior design at Mississippi College and discovered so many aspects of the architectural design process that fit her personality. She enjoys the challenge of a new design project, starting with just a blank page and developing ideas and solutions that bring a space to life and end with something amazing. In her free time, you can find McKinnley at home reading a book or out and about spending time with family.

Bonnie Slattery

The daughter of an architect, Bonnie has always appreciated the way good design can connect people. She studied marketing and Spanish at Mississippi College before joining the A/E industry in her home state of Texas. After a few years there, she is excited to be back in Mississippi and with such a tight-knit team at WBA. Outside of work, you can find Bonnie enjoying live music, game nights with friends, taking her dog for long walks, or traveling to see all the people she loves.

Yerix Morel

Yerix grew up with a music background, and those moments traveling for performances to different performing halls and venues got got interested in the creation of these spaces and how it engages with its community. He graduated from Mississippi State with the hopes of creating such beautiful and engaging “third spaces” that promote the arts and community engagement. He was drawn to this WBA because of the community-focused goals, the project diversity, and the collaborative environment. Outside of the office, Yerix enjoys rock climbing, running races, building furniture or models, reading, and spending time with my fiance Sarah and son Bruce.

Mark Crowe

Mark brings 25+ years of architectural experience to WBA covering many different project types. Mark is excited to join the team in the Nashville office and use his experience to add to the already dynamic, supportive, and client focused culture that is present with WBA. Outside the office Mark can be found kayaking all the rivers in Tennessee and enjoying the great outdoors in general.

Audrey Eisner

Having recently graduated from Mississippi State University’s School of Architecture, Audrey is excited to contribute to WBA’s vision for quality through design. She enjoys collaboration and building a network of trust with both clients and colleagues to create a strong body of work. Outside the office, Audrey enjoys time with friends and family, exploring new places to eat in the Jackson area, and going on walks with her dog, Dolly.

Drew Maxon

From a young age, Drew has enjoyed drawing and exploring the world around him, whether built or natural. Before he began his fifth year of architecture school, Drew served as a summer intern at WBA, where he enjoyed the high energy and collaborative studio environment. Outside of the studio, he can be found enjoying film, spending time with family and friends, playing piano and guitar, geocaching, hiking, or serving his local church.

Walker Waughtal

Growing up in Houston, TX, Walker always knew he wanted to be an architect one day. He headed east to Auburn University to follow that dream and is now an incredibly valued Project Architect for WBA. Outside of work, you can find Walker spending time at home with his husband, listening to Pete Seeger, or reading the Left Hand of Darkness for the 10th time.

Ebony Batchelor

Growing up in a military family, Ebony was inspired at an early age by the architecture, art, and culture of the diverse places she lived. Her interest in architecture and design peaked in high school, where she was able to take classes dedicated to the field. After graduating from Mississippi State with a degree in architecture and a minor in interior design, she decided to put down roots in Jackson. Ebony was drawn to WBA because of the exceptional collaborative environment, the project diversity, and the desire to be working in a forward-thinking firm. Outside of the office, you can find Ebony enjoying the latest movie in theaters, walking her energetic dog, and competing with her friends in the latest 1st person shooter video game.

Michael Vineyard

Michael is a designer passionate about thoughtful contemporary design. He takes pride in cultivating a sense of craftsmanship in all facets of his work. Ultimately, he is motivated by the opportunity to positively impact people’s lives through the product of his work. Whether he is working with an individual or an entire community, his aim is to use design as a tool that is sensitive to specific client needs, to cultural conditions, and to local vernacular qualities. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Maggie, and his dog and cat, Violet and Ivy.

Josh Torrey

Josh has always been fascinated with architecture which led to his first job on a construction site at the age of 16. His work on projects as a carpenter and electrician gives him a practical and detailed understanding of construction in the field.  That experience, along with college studies in architectural drafting, aids him in the design and drafting process. Josh spends a lot of his free time spoiling his soulmate, a German Shepherd named Ruby. He enjoys watching football and baseball and is a huge fan of the Atlanta Braves.

Courtney Blake

Courtney has always been fascinated by the creation of large structures. While studying finance at Mississippi State, he quickly realized that fascination was a purpose and pivoted the rest of his internships to be in construction and real estate. Over the years, he has gained great experience that he now gets to put to work as WBA’s Construction Administrator. The diverse projects in WBA’s portfolio align perfectly with his passion to be a part of unique and impactful endeavors. If you’re looking for your next book, Courtney recommends How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis – the answer may surprise you!

Ashley Anderson

As a Mississippi State University School of Architecture Alumni, Ashley is excited to be a part of WBA, where high design standards and an exceptional team are consistently proven. Outside of the office, Ashley enjoys going on outdoor adventures with her husband and two dogs, spending time with friends and family, and picking up any hobby involving creativity.

Ian Omar Smart

Ian Omar Smart graduated from Mississippi State University with the hopes of designing important, beautiful spaces. While he has mostly designed for school districts, Ian has also been involved with substantial design work for universities and local municipalities. When not in the office, you’ll find Ian editing photos and videos for his art projects.

Tyler Malouf

Tyler combines a hands on construction background with formal architectural training to collaborate with her team and client stakeholders. For her, communication is key, whether in the studio or on the job site. Outside of work, you’ll likely find Tyler hiking with her husband and dog, cooking a challenging homemade recipe, or finding a spot to enjoy a cocktail with live music.


Amy Daniels

With a passion for serving clients with excellent service, thoughtful architecture, and authentic collaboration, Amy is committed to bettering the community where she lives and works. She enjoys the fact that WBA is energized and caring – two traits she says don’t often come hand in hand. Amy is passionate about design integration in K-12 curriculum and learning environments, and enjoys mentoring and teaching students about the built environment.  At home, Amy enjoys sewing and painting, and is devoted to the hardest job of all – motherhood.


Dennis Daniels

Dennis is proud to be a part of a team that brings good people, inspiration, and innovation together in each and every project. Through his work, Dennis sets out to listen – leaving a legacy for the clients he serves, the people he works with, and those that engage in the places the firm has a hand in shaping.  Dennis’s experience allows him to engage the design process through the lens of designer, builder, client, and citizen, elevating the mission and purpose of each project.  At home, Dennis loves spending time outdoors biking with his wife, playing on the playground with his son, and working on home and community improvements. He has a passion for teaching and helping others learn about design and construction techniques.

Nico Forlenza

After working in larger markets like Dallas and Nashville, Nico is excited to be working in such a tight-knit, community-focused firm at WBA.  With backgrounds in both commercial and high-end residential work, he is adept at tackling a full spectrum of architectural challenges.  When not at the office, you can find him waving his alma mater, Auburn, flag in the middle of enemy territory and is fully prepared for any War Eagle/Tiger mascot mockery.


David Ford

Despite the fact that his high school aptitude test said he should be a band teacher, David Ford has enjoyed a successful career in architecture at both large and small firms in Mississippi. His career highlights have consisted of a project in Japan, a New York house with Sambo Mockbee, and many in between. David is always hungry to learn new skills to enhance his craft and is excited to be a part of a dynamic workplace. When he’s not sharpening his talents, you can find him in the kitchen trying his hand at sous vide, smoking meats, making pasta, or mixing cocktails for his friends.

Jake Gartman

After interning at WBA during his fifth year of architecture school, Jake officially joined the team after graduating. He was drawn to the collaborative environment, the wide range of projects, and is excited by the work WBA contributes to his community. Jake enjoys reading, supporting live music, and playing with his dog, Mochi.

Holly Dotherow

Holly Dotherow leads WBA’s Interiors team from the Nashville, TN office, where she specializes in corporate design, multi-family, and hospitality. Holly is a well-rounded designer and is able to contribute to any phase of the project, whether it’s assisting in the creation of the initial design concept, engaging in construction administration or installing furniture, artwork, and accessories. Outside of work, Holly enjoys many outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, kayaking, and team sports. She loves to travel and could be planning multiple trips at a time. 

Maddox Hazel

Originally from North Texas, Maddox’s path to architecture was almost serendipitous. He pursued architecture on a whim because of it’s adjacency to visual arts and has never looked back. Maddox is inspired by anything beautiful, loves drawings that are hand drafted, and and knows there is always more to see in any given building. Outside of work, you can find Maddox at Morgan Park or Mother’s Ruin in Nashville.

Eric Whitfield

Growing up, Eric worked for his grandfather, who was a brick layer, as well as his father, a builder. Those experiences, combined with his attraction to art and passion for design, made architecture a natural fit. After finishing architecture school at Mississippi State University, Eric moved to Atlanta where he worked and managed projects for 10+ years at firms that are well-known nationally and internationally. Now, he has taken the reigns to head up WBA’s Nashville office. Eric’s 3D design skills allow clients to vividly experience their concept through detailed renderings and video animations. In his free time, he enjoys painting, drawing, and building furniture. Eric, his wife Rachel, and their three sons are active at Church of the City in Franklin, Tennessee, and enjoy traveling, snow skiing, sailing, and hiking.

Russ Markle

Russ is drawn to work that requires critical thinking and creative solutions. He enjoys working with his colleagues, clients, and builders to tackle design challenges on a variety of project types every day. His positivity, attention to detail, and strong work ethic serve as assets to the practice. Outside the office, Russ enjoys spending time outdoors with his friends and family.

Jamie Wier

Since his childhood, Jamie has been fascinated with the built world: how structures, spaces, and environments affect our lives, moods, and behaviors. Through architecture, Jamie is able to interpret his clients’ needs in ways that constructively influence those interactions, while leaving a physical legacy and impression on the world around him. Jamie spends most of his free time enjoying hunting, hiking, and a watching a good football game with his family.

Michael W Boerner

Throughout college and as he worked at architectural firms throughout the Southeast, Michael imagined he would start a firm of his own one day. Upon returning to Mississippi, he reached out to his friend and former college classmate, Jamie Wier, and started the firm in 2009. Michael is driven by the relationships he builds with clients, while turning their ideas and dreams into reality. In addition to his degree in Architecture from Mississippi State University, Michael received a Bachelors in Business Administration and a minor in Fine Arts from Millsaps College in 1998. He and his family attend Galloway Methodist Church, and he enjoys spending time at concerts, sporting events, and on the tennis court.

John M Allin III

Jack returned to Mississippi in 2012 to fulfill a longtime dream of practicing his own brand of architecture with classmates and friends Michael Boerner and Jamie Wier. During his 15-year career, he has practiced architecture at prominent firms in New York, Birmingham, and Atlanta where much of his work was focused on K-12 and higher education facilities. Jack strongly believes in the practice of listening as a necessary step towards understanding the client. Through collaboration, his design solutions are tailored to translate need into a vision and ultimately into a final building. He and his family are active in Jackson’s Belhaven Neighborhood, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Cathedral, and the Mississippi Museum of Art where he serves as a trustee.

Brian Wiginton

Brian enjoys the challenge of working on a wide breadth of projects while drawing on the knowledge of architects with other skill sets. Brian’s experience working in many firms on varying project types gives him the ability to see projects from all sides. At home, Brian loves to cook and collect records and graphic novels.

Julie Markle

When Julie’s husband, Russ, began working at Wier Boerner Allin, she knew it was the kind of work environment she wanted to be a part of. She brings more than a decade of experience in educational, commercial, health care, technological, residential, governmental and athletic architecture to Wier Boerner Allin. When she’s not poring over a new building, she’s spending time with her family, reading, cooking, entertaining and cheering on the Colts.

Molly Diffee

Molly is drawn to client relationships as the foundation of all great design. She enjoys combining creativity, critical thinking and collaboration with her colleagues to solve any design challenge thrown at her. Schematic design is her favorite phase of the design process, where she gets to dream big about how to create the perfect experience for the client. She has a strong belief that furniture and accessories are just as important as architecture and enjoys completing WBA’s projects with those final touches. Outside the office, Molly enjoys spending time on the boat with her husband, daughter Grace and their two dogs. Molly works out of WBA’s Nashville office.

Molly Frascogna

Molly enjoys working for a firm where the staff is truly supportive and collaborative as they work for a common goal, the client’s satisfaction. She is naturally detail oriented, whether in the conceptual stages of a project, the final drawings or at home with her family. She enjoys spending time with her two young boys, painting, traveling and photography.

Parker Anderson

Parker is drawn to the diverse projects he gets to manage at WBA. Whether he is designing a detail for a school building or laying out a large-scale masterplan, no two days are the same. He loves working with clients to help realize their vision and relishes any opportunity to help improve the built environment. At home, Parker is usually trying to keep up with his wife and two boys and has at least one home improvement project going at any given moment.

Ryan Hansen

Ryan works best when he can attack a problem from the project level and work his way down. He enjoys motivating teams toward a focused, quality solution while keeping team members loose and lighthearted. When he’s not designing buildings at work, he’s reading or designing and building furniture at home.

Wade Thompson

Wade is instrumental in the development of quality control procedures and intern mentoring with his nearly 20 years of overall experience in Design and Contract Administration. Outside the office, Wade paints, cycles, plays bicycle polo and spends time with his dogs.