WBA Meet the Team: Danny Tovar

Danny Tovar Meet the Team

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Danny was inspired by the diversity in culture, architecture, and art in and around his neighborhood. All influenced his curiosity in design and fueled his desire to put a meaningful stamp on the built environment. After graduating high school, he decided to the move across the country to attend Tuskegee University’s Architecture program and later attended Savannah College of Art and Design Atlanta, graduating from their Interior Design program. Having worked in the field for several years for firms in Atlanta and Los Angeles, he is well versed in corporate design, Multi Family, and Repositioning. He enjoys the design process and engaging with the team and clients to deliver a space that successfully meets their criteria.  In his free time, Danny enjoys playing tennis with his fiancé, entertaining, traveling, working with his hands, and playing with their two pups, Rocsi and Boots.

When did you become interested in interior design?

In middle school, when I was given the opportunity to help give back by painting less fortunate neighbors’ homes as community service project. My interest started in Architecture and how I could affect the build environment and later understood we live and use interiors and I wanted to affect people’s day to day by ow a space was designed. 

Tell us about your favorite project and why it is special to you.

I once was asked by then Room Service Atlanta to help alongside a handful of other Atlanta Designers to sponsor updates and design small apartments for displaced teen moms or teens that recently lost both parents. It was special because the experiences these kids had to date were hard to imagine and their individual reactions to their new spaces was a glimpse of future stability and security they have been missing. It was one moment I will always cherish and be grateful for.  

Describe your job in three words

Inspired Creative Organized

What’s the coolest trend you’re seeing, work related or otherwise?

The 90’s are back! I always wondered what I would feel when trends and design from my teens circled back. 

What is your dream travel destination?

I’d like to take an excursion through villages of Central America to further understand my cultural background and get a snapshot of a simple lifestyle.

What does your ideal day look like?

Cup of Coffee, working on something with my hands, eating great food with good company, Afternoon Nap, Karaoke, playing tennis, Repeat.

Favorite quote?


If you had to listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

Brave – Sara Bareilles