Kappa Kappa Gamma


  • Kappa Kappa Gamma

City Oxford, Mississippi

Cost $9,800,000

Size 34,000 SF

Phase Construction Documents

The design for the Kappa Kappa Gamma House at The University of Mississippi is organized around a central three-story winding stair that is capped with a cupola. Providing access to the dining and chapter rooms on the lowest level and the residential rooms on the upper level, this stair will be part of the daily life of the members, but will also provide for a dramatic recruitment experience. The cupola brings light into the center of the house and will have a beacon effect in the evenings.

The house takes advantage of its corner lot by providing both access to side-street walkway, but also by devoting a significant amount of outdoor space, both covered and open, for gatherings. This allows the life of the chapter to be fully expressed to the greater campus.

Separate chapter and dining rooms will support large gatherings of this chapter of 400 members, while smaller living and study spaces will allow for smaller gatherings.